Following on from yesterday’s sweet-fest I thought I’d better find some slightly less waist-expanding alternatives to add a smile to my face. In the first instance I’ve pulled together a collection of Aurifil threads for Lynne and Mr Aurifil’s Designer Collection Contest. With my sweet tooth in mind I’ve named the collection Licorice Allsorts. I know I’m safe on all fronts with this lot as I would never eat Licorice…shudder… and I’d have to be desperate to eat thread! You can find the other entrants here.

I’ve also added more to my Flea Market Fancy/Hope Valley strings. I’m pleased with progress so far. It’s my intention to make a quilt out of these blocks but needless to say that will be another long term project!
Hope you’re week is going well so far. Catch you soon x

5 thoughts on “Sweeties

  1. Sheila says:

    I like a Creme Egg as mch as the next one but licorice allsorts – now you are talking, I can't stop once I open a bag, usually end up feeling quite sick…….(how old am I??)


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