Black and white mini

I gave myself a break from pattern writing yesterday evening  and turned my attentions to the Nellstar block that I made a couple of weeks ago.

nellstar for blog

I got busy with my favourite crazy straight line quilting and finished up with the skinniest binding I have ever done. This little mini is approximately 8″ square.

finished nellstar for blog

I’ll be shipping this one off to a new home shortly. I think it’s inspired me to finish up the original Elizabeth version as a mini quilt rather than a cushion. If you fancy making a Nellstar project of your own you can find the instant download PDF template set here. Catch you soon x

Black and white

Thank goodness for hand-sewing! My machine sewing time is still limited due to my cronky back but I have been able to do a little hand-sewing to keep me sane. A little while ago I signed up to the Black and white quilt swap over on Instagram (I’m playing mama too this round) so I thought I’d limber up my black and white game with a mini-mini.

IMG_0958 I raided my treasured Mama Said Sew stash and added in some new Cotton and Steel to make this little Nellstar block. It’s all ready for quilting when I get 5 minutes of spare time after deadline sewing.

We’re off to buy some colour for our garden borders now. Catch you soon x

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