Straw Poll

I’m planning ahead for my stand at the West Country Quilt and Textile Show and hoping that you’ll help me with a pattern dilemma. I have been contemplating writing up a comprehensive pattern for this technique sampler.

Finished technique sampler

Part of me is really keen to do it but the fatigued part of me is thinking is it worth the effort, would people actually be interested in buying a pattern for this? There are 12 techniques featured in this quilt so it would be a lengthy pattern, more like a short book really.

The techniques covered are: curved piecing, freezer paper pieced Dresden fans, bias tape vines and needle-turn applique, raw edge applique, Suffolk puffs (yo-yos), gathered patchwork hexagons, Bargello technique, reverse applique, EPP Dresdens, fast flying geese, Trapunto style bows and Crazy patchwork hearts.

So it’s over to you now, should I expend some precious energy on creating this pattern or not? Thank you in advance for your help. Catch you soon x


2 thoughts on “Straw Poll

  1. Judith Hollies says:

    It’s such a beautiful quilt, but not for the faint-hearted. As you know I’ve been using this as 1 of 3 medallion examples in classes this term (48 people, mixed ability), and sadly no-one has decided to make the QN one. My feeling is that it would appeal to a very specific group of quilters, not necessarily experienced or beginners, but those looking for a variety of techniques within the one project. I think the marketing of this pattern would be the key. Not sure if this is helpful feedback or not! Jxo


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