Radio silence

Well my plans for regular blogging really haven’t gone all that well. I have been busy sewing and sharing progress on Instagram but that hasn’t translated into blog posts. To those of you who still frequent these parts I’m sorry that you’ve been neglected. I will try harder, honestly.
I stepped in as an “Angel” for the Pillow Talk Swap Instagram edition so I’ve had a few fun days stitching up this cushion. I resized the templates from my Kaleidoscopic quilt to create this 18″ square cushion. I used Aurifil to echo quilt in the diamonds for a subtle look, there was already plenty going on with all the different fabrics.

 It was slightly painful sending this one off today, I really hope it will be loved by the recipient. I couldn’t resist taking a shot of it with the original Kaleidoscopic quilt.

I will be releasing the pattern for this quilt and a stand alone foundation template version very soon so please do keep an eye out for news shortly if you’re interested. Catch you soon x


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