Hello all. Sorry for the blogging gap, again! I’ve been very busy recently and blogging fell off the to-do list to save my sanity. One of the things I’ve been busy doing is putting together a pattern for my Easy Peasy Christmas Sampler.

I have actually made the quilt top but haven’t managed to get a decent picture of it yet because of the grey and gloomy light we’ve got at the moment. Hopefully I’ll manage to get a decent shot soon!
I’ve finally finished drafting the pattern and now I’m after some help testing the pattern.

If you can commit to making one single block of your choice from the sampler by Sunday evening (15th November) then I’d love your help. In return for making the block you will receive the full PDF pattern for the sampler. All I’ll need from you is a decent photo of your finished block that I can share when I release the pattern next week. The quickest blocks take less than an hour from cutting out to finish so I’m not asking for a great deal of your time. If you’ve got time to spare between now and Sunday I’d really love your help! Leave a message here with your contact email or email and I’ll get back to you. Catch you soon x


5 thoughts on “Help!

  1. David Short says:

    Hi Reene, I'd love to do a block for you, its a fabulous pattern, especially for a childs quilt.Could I do the star if no-one else is doing it please?
    I'm Tina Short email tina'
    I've tested a couple of quilts for Kirsty@bonjour and I've just done a block for MolliSparkles.


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