Reene’s FAL list Q3 – keeping it real

I’m scraping under the wire this quarter! There’s so much going on around here that I know I’m not likely to finish much other than my Quilt Now commitments but I still want to play along with Katy’s FAL so I’m keeping the list short this quarter.
1. Jess’s cardigan is back on the list!

2. HipBees village quilt – Hanging on the design wall ready for when I have some free time to play with it.This really must be finished this quarter!        
3. HipBees Denyse Schmidt Strings quilt – The top is finished but it’s still waiting to be quilted. Maybe I’ll get round to it this quarter 🙂 I’m feeling hopeful about this one!
That’s it for my list this quarter. I decided I would rather have a short list with more hope of getting them done than a great long list and lots of crosses by the side of them come October. It feels a bit like I’m cheating but I can live with that 😉 Right, I’m off to check out what everyone else is hoping to achieve this quarter.
Catch you soon x

6 thoughts on “Reene’s FAL list Q3 – keeping it real

  1. margaret says:

    the village quilt looks good and love the string quilt, I have plans to do one Katy (ginger monkey)has done on the QNNtv channel, think she calls it a spiders web must go back and check it out


  2. Kay says:

    better to have a short list and be happy getting them done then a huge list that is still sitting there at the end. Love the string quilt, it will be great when finished. x


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