I was right! – Reene’s FAL Q2 round-up

My FAL Q2 list was totally unrealistic! I started off well…
1. Hexiestars cushion – Tick

…then I got side-tracked by a new found love of EPP. Tessellated madness and cartwheels took over and everything else went to the dogs 😉
2. Jess’s cardigan – I’ve made progress on this but haven’t touched it for weeks much to Jess’ disgust!
3. HipBees village quilt – sadly untouched again! It has made it’s way to the design wall, ready for when I have some free time to play with it.
4. HipBees Denyse Schmidt Strings quilt – there has been progress on this! The top is finished but it’s still waiting to be quilted. Maybe I’ll get round to it next quarter 🙂

6. Amish with a twist BOM quilt – I’ve made progress but still got loads to do. Something like another 30 log cabins to make. I’ll get round to it one day 😉
Final score, 2 out of 6. Could do better! Oh well in reality I’ve got loads done this quarter it’s just a shame that most of it wasn’t on my list 🙂 I’m off to check out how everybody else did with theirs. Catch you soon x

11 thoughts on “I was right! – Reene’s FAL Q2 round-up

  1. Sarah says:

    Seems you sewed a little off plan this quarter. Shame you didn't know about your distractions in advance or you could probably declare 20 finishes!


  2. Canadian Abroad says:

    I think you have not stopped this whole quarter and you just happened to find the need to work on stuff that was not on the list. Two is better than none and, really, if you're having fun who cares if what you made is on the list or not.


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