I told you it wouldn’t be long before I was back with a finish! The cartwheels went together really quickly and I’m delighted with the end result, a rather large 22″ square cushion that is happily filling a spot on one of our sofas in the front room 🙂

I used a gorgeous print by Anna Maria Horner for the back along with a brown solid. Yes you read that right, BROWN.
I thought that I’d be done with this EPP design for the time being until it occurred to me that it would probably be nice in a smaller scale…you know how it goes…
…mini-cartwheels, can’t go wrong with Katie Jump Rope! Catch you soon 🙂 

9 thoughts on “Cartwheels

  1. Kay says:

    Wonderful cartwheels, I really like all of the teal colours you have used in it. Our sofas are rather full after a cushion making session recently but I am sure I could squeeze one on if I tried. x


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