Spring Giveaway

As I promised last week I’m back today with a rather lovely giveaway.  At least, I think so and I hope you do too. In celebration of  Spring and it’s promise of regrowth and beauty. Regular readers may have guessed … ok … I’ve told you lots of times …. that one of my most favourite designers is Atsuko Matsuyama.  A designer for Lecien.  I’ve been collecting her fabrics whenever I’ve seen them and have got quite a pretty selection of them.

Pretty eh?
So, I thought, and Reene agreed, that it would be nice to share a little of it with one of our readers.  I pulled my pile of fabrics, grabbed my cutter and ruler and set to work.  They are mostly half a charm square in size, 5″ x 21/2″ and there’s a nice selection, one of almost every one I have. 

Aren’t they lovely? Quite retro and all my favourite colours, lots of dots and flowers too.

Of course, once I had them all out and the cutter in my hands I had to have a play didn’t I?  🙂
The front
So just for you, or at least for one of you, I made a cushion/pillow.

I used Reene’s Hexiestar pattern templates (you can find the free PDF for them in the side bar on the right), a small selection from the Lecien fabrics and Kona white for the background. To finish it off I machine embroidered it using a couple of fancy stitches on my Pfaff machine and a pastel pink Aurifil thread.
You can just about read the Nellie’s Niceties label I think 
The back
Well, there you are, I hope you like this little offering just for you.  To make it easier and cheaper to post I will take the cushion/pillow form out.

If you’d like to be in with a chance to win our giveaway just leave a comment.  And if you are a follower, leave another comment telling us that you are a follower. We’ll do the draw for it the weekend after the holiday weekend. I say we but I mean Reene, I’ve no idea how the random generator thingy works!  No surprise there is there? 🙂

It’s Reene here. I’ll close the draw on Friday 25th April at around 10pm (BST). The draw will take place as soon as I get a free minute on Saturday 26th April and I’ll announce the winner then too.  

Until the next time hope you all have a good holiday, however you celebrate it.  Take good care of yourselves. If you have the chance to sew, happy sewing.

 Yvonne Xxx

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