Unrealistic – Reene’s FAL list Q2

Oh look, I’m just scraping in under the wire again! Joining the fun with Katy and pals at the Finish Along 2014. I have a tonne of secret sewing to do this quarter so my time for finishing projects just for fun will be limited. Even so I would love to see the following projects finished very soon!
1. Hexiestars cushion – I haven’t got a whole lot to do for this to be a finish so I should be able to knock this one out of the park quickly 🙂

2. Cardigan for Jess –  After many years as a non-knitter I have finally mastered the basics, more or less! In my infinite wisdom I decided to knit Jess a cardigan with cables and a fancy pattern, yep, I have lost my marbles. Jess is very keen for me to finish this one so I ought to get on with it. I have the back and left front completed. Still to do is the right front and the sleeves. I’m hoping this will be doable this quarter! I am currently contending with reverse shaping. There are no instructions in the pattern for that so it’s a bit hit and miss…

3.HipBees village quilt – My fabulous bee mates have been waiting too long for this to be a finish! This was started way back in August 2012 and I’m fairly ashamed that it’s not done yet.

4. HipBees Denyse Schmidt string quilt – Another HipBee quilt to finish. This one only needs 1 more block to finish it!

5. New York Beauty project – I started this one in March 2012 so it’s really about time I finished it! I think it will have to become cushions as they will go perfectly with my new footstool 😉

6. Amish with a twist BOM – This BOM started last year and I’ve got a shed load of Log Cabin blocks to complete before I can piece this monster quilt together.

Well, that’s more than enough to be going on with! I’m linking up with FAL Q2. Off to do some sewing now, catch you soon x


12 thoughts on “Unrealistic – Reene’s FAL list Q2

  1. tusen says:

    These hexiestars are so cute and I love your choice of fabric – hope to see the finished cushion. And I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the cardigan (especially since I'm starting to knit my first one).


  2. margaret says:

    some lovely projects you have here, they will keep you busy and out of mischief. Good on you to have learnt to knit, I no longer do as have problems with finger joints not liking the process.


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