Cherished moments…..

……..  long waited for never to be forgotten.  We’d been looking forward to it but were holding our breath in case it didn’t happen.  Trying to keep a lid on our excitement so as not to be too disappointed.  Thankfully, most thankfully in fact, it started on Sunday evening and lasted until Tuesday evening and was such a lovely time, I can hardly put it into words. I’ve been trying to write this post all week and only now feel that I can express myself.  Regular readers will understand why when I tell you.  Here goes:

                           JESS CAME TO STAY FOR TWO NIGHTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We worked it out…… it’s been over five years since she was even remotely well enough for sleepovers. In fact, she has very rarely been well enough to leave her own home…. a trip around the corner to see us was a far off dream.  So, this has been a really big event for us all and most certainly a time to be cherished and diarised. I somehow knew that you would be happy for us too.  

     Here she is chilling out listening to Rammstein in the evening while Ralph and I watched the rugby.

We had lazy days…. sitting in bed until one in the afternoon reading books and blogs and chatting…… then lunch together,  such a treat……………. and a quiet sit in the garden watching the wildlife and flowers, Jess’s photos are much better than mine!!!

Bet you can’t guess which are mine!!!  

                                                                 Birds nesting in the hedge.   

                                                            Cheeky squirrel after the peanuts.
  I know ….. it’s a rubbish  photo….  I told you Jess’ were much better!! Bear with me… I’m excited and want to give you a taste of our days………… 

                                                   Checking out the new shoots and flowers

And our afternoons were spent resting and enjoying being together, looking at old photos and watching home movies from when she was little.

          Seconds after this shot the hat was flung away and she let us know in no uncertain terms that baby                                 girls did not belong in flowerpots!!!  No matter how cute they looked. 🙂

 We had such a lovely time together, we are both wiped out after it but it was bliss just being with her and I will treasure the memories always. Thank you Jess. 

And because no post is complete without fabric photos, here’s the tote bag I made for Jess as part of her birthday present.  


 Rachel Ashwell fabrics sewn crazy patchwork style, trimmed with lace and ribbons and machine embroidered with pastel pink aurifil thread.  

The icing on the cake for me was using part of a handkerchief that I had bought for Mum with an ‘N’ embroidered on it, you can just see it in the top right hand corner.  🙂

So there we are, thank you for listening to my ramblings.. I really do appreciate it.. I’ll be back next week with a little giveaway that I’m working on….  Until then, take care and happy sewing. Xxx


15 thoughts on “Cherished moments…..

  1. PK Sews says:

    I love the word “cherish,” and it's perfect for describing the time you had together. This is a very moving post. And your bag is beautiful! Thanks for sharing.


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