After finishing my last hand sewing project I was keen to get cracking on another one 🙂 So, I had an idea that I’d like some sort of star. A bit of fiddling around, on TouchDraw on the iPad, later I had this plan.

 With my new found love of gluebasting it wasn’t long before I had it ready to sew together in fabric form.

I sew all the thin triangle pieces to the central hexie then fill in with the larger grey triangles. They are quick, fun and addictive 🙂

I’ve been showing my progress on Instagram and quite a few people had asked where I got the pattern from so I thought I’d share the templates here for anyone that might fancy a go at there own 🙂 If you do have a go I’d love to see! #hexiestars

You’ll find the EPP template pdf here

Catch you soon x


38 thoughts on “Hexiestars

  1. Kay says:

    I really like the look of these. EPP is one of my favourite things to do, I h ave tried glue basting but found it a pain to pull the papers out afterwards.


  2. Edie says:

    These are awesome! I am going to make a few, and see how it goes, I love EPP too. Thank you for the free pattern and the tutorial. I probably won't be able to share though, as I am not on Instagram.


  3. Wendy V says:

    Tell us more! Sounds interesting. I've never used it. Is the stabilizer thick enough to give you enough support for hand stitching or is it like Heat&Bond where you can just iron the folded edges?


  4. adailydoseoffiber says:

    I love this pattern! I started to work on it last night as I just HAD to try it. I have done quite a bit of EPP but nothing with so sharp a point. How do you deal with all the excess fabric on the long thin points? I have so much fabric and I'm not sure how to sew the “background” triangles on and still have a sharp point. Any tips or other photos I could see?


  5. stitchy woman says:

    What an awesome pattern! Thanks for sharing. Even though I have some experience with EPP, I too am troubled by the long, narrow points. I've found no help found on the web. Can anyone explain, share photos or recommend a tutorial? Thanks.


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