Diamonds, kites and stars – The free pattern

Well guys and gals there was enough interest in the pattern for me to knuckle down and get it written 🙂 I’ve added the pattern as a page at the top and the blog. You’ll find links at the bottom of the pattern to a PDF version, along with PDF versions of the paper templates.

In a weekend of madness I’ve gone ahead and chopped a very limited number of scrap packs from my rather fabulous (even if I say so myself) stash. Many of the prints I used in these two cushions are included in the scrap packs which you will find in our Etsy shop. There are only 3 pink, orange red and radiant orchid (purple) packs and 3 navy, green and radiant orchid packs. I have learnt that I don’t really enjoy cutting up fabric knowing that I’m not going to be sewing with it, so you can rest assured that scrap packs from me are going to be as rare as rocking horse poo!
As always I’d love to see any WIPs or finishes of this pattern so please do feel free to email me or upload a picture to our flickr group or use the hashtag #diamondskitesandstars on Instagram. There might even be a special little something for the first person who finishes their own version…   
I hope you’ve all enjoyed the weekend. Catch you soon x

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