Rose Blackout

Today I’m sharing a proud mama moment with you. Our lovely Jess has designed some rather snazzy notecards!

I for one love a good notecard for sending out with swap items and bee blocks and I’ve found it quite tricky to find something that represents what we creative-with- fabric-types do.

We’ve had these pretties printed up by Moo so they’re nice and sturdy and have good quality envelopes which is important to me 😉 Jess has her own brand in the making – Rose Blackout.

I can’t really convey just how proud this makes me. As regular readers will know, Jess has faced many challenges due to her health and our subsequent foray into the world of home-education. This latest achievement is a firm middle-finger gesture to the crappy social worker that said Jess wouldn’t amount to anything in life if she couldn’t attend school! (Don’t even get me started on that one!) I’m sure that given time there will be more additions to her photographic card portfolio. In the meantime if any of you fancy getting your hands on a set of these original notecards you’ll find them for sale here. Even if you don’t fancy owning any yourself we’d love it if you’d like them over on Etsy and let your friends know about them if you feel so inclined 🙂 Thank you all for indulging my proud mama moment. Catch you soon x


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