Diamonds, kites and stars

I’m totally in love with my newest cushion! I’ve been told “it’s a bit stiff but it’ll soon get bashed into shape”, hmm, teenagers! It didn’t take long to transform from Saturday’s sewing project into the finished object.

I went a bit mad with grey Aurifil thread for the quilting. I enjoyed the texture created by the random lines that I’d used on my last EPP project so reprised it for this one.

For the back of this one I decided to be a grown up and used a concealed zip for the closure! I probably should have pattern matched the fabric but I was so stressed about getting the zip in that I didn’t think about it 😉

I brought it downstairs with me to show the hubby yesterday when I finished it and sat it on the sofa…it put some of the other cushions to shame so I may have to make several more EPP cushions soon 😉
Thankfully it lives on my bed at the moment so it’s not showing the others up permanently.

When looking at this photo I realised just how much of a crazy-patchwork-lady I have become! That’s not a bad thing, right?! Catch you soon x

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