Not quite what I had planned…

…enforced bed rest!

I’ve spent the last few days in bed nursing a kidney infection when I should have been doing lots of last minute sewing and prepping for Christmas. Well, if it’s not done now it probably won’t get done at all. Thankfully I finished a really important project before succumbing to the lurgy! My version of Lynne‘s Tube Quilt now lives on Jess’ bed 🙂

I can honestly say this quilt was a joy to make. At 80″ finished this is my biggest quilt make to date! It’s been somewhat tricky to photograph as there’s nowhere big enough (or dry enough outside) to hang it.

After a false start with the quilting – major puckers requiring the seam ripper! – I attached the Dual Feed foot and just like that no more puckers 🙂 I used a nice green Aurifil thread in “organic” straight lines, I admit it they were wonky but it’s not easy to keep a straight line when you’re me. 

To my delight and amazement, Jess fell in love with it! I used the ever trusty Nummer from Ikea for the backing.

 I even went to the trouble of pattern matching it! Not too shabby, even if I say so myself 😉

As you’d expect from Lynne, the pattern is slick and I’d thoroughly recommend it to anyone! Keep an eye on her blog in the New Year for the pattern release and quilt along 🙂

Before I go and rest again I’ve got to share something really exciting. It’s a finish, not by me but by Robin who got in touch to show her version of my Animal Crackers Tree skirt!!! I can’t tell you how giddy with excitement I was to see a pattern I designed being used by someone else.

There are a couple more pictures of it in our Flickr group. Thanks to Robin for sharing with me and allowing me to use her photo here. Now I’m off to rest again. Catch you soon x


17 thoughts on “Not quite what I had planned…


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  2. Judith, Belfast says:

    Aw sorry you're poorly! Kidney infections are no joke! Ab fab quilt for Jess! A QAL sounds like a lot of new year fun! And brilliant take on your tree skirt pattern! What an inspiration you are! Take care, jxo


  3. margaret says:

    trust you are feeling a lot better now but be careful not to overdo things, easy to say I know but you want to keep your strength for Xmas. Quilt looks very impressive on the bed and the tree skirt very nice too


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