Busy Bee

I’ve started work on a special quilt for one of my best friend’s new baby, Florence. Florence was born while I was on bed rest following my op so I had to content myself with sketching out a plan for the quilt. My sketching is awful, I am no artist! I’m not even showing you the sketch it’s that bad but thankfully I am quite good with fabric 😉 I bought a fat quarter stack of Briar Rose from Justine at Simply Solids earlier this year and this project was perfect for it! Hopefully you can tell that it’s supposed to be a beehive, if not just humour me 🙂 I strip pieced the beehive then appliqued it the solid.

I added some flowers that I cut with my Go!Baby…

…then got busy with some sky writing. Excuse the  dodgy quality photo, it was getting dark again. I felt most pleased with myself for the fussy cut bee and the sky writing was passable although it does look a little like the bee might have been out on the tiles before doing it 😉 
So, tomorrow I hope to finish this baby quilt in daylight so I can get some nice photos before I send it to it’s new home. Catch you soon x

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