This week has confirmed to me that I am addicted to fabric and sewing. The first indication of the level of my addiction came with the arrival of my new sewing table. Excuse the mess I’m too tired to tidy but just about rested enough to do a small amount of sewing 😉 We decided against going down the homemade route for the craft table and instead relied on good old Ikea. This monster is nearly 5 foot square, no more scrabbling around on the floor while basting quilts, woohoo!

The second indication was that about 30 minutes after the postman delivering this gorgeous package from Sarah I was “racing” up the stairs to sew them together on the machine. Yep, first time using the machine since my op but well worth the exhaustion! I knew it was a good idea getting the ladies of the HipBees to make string blocks for me 🙂

The third indication was a bit groundhog day…up the stairs to the machine I went this afternoon with this package of goodies from Amy. The result was equally pleasing 🙂

This is most definitely going to be a favourite quilt! Look how gorgeous they are next to each other 🙂

If I hadn’t already been convinced of my fabric addiction the final indication was the overwhelming need to start another hand-sewing project having been woken in the middle of the night by an idea! I started with this tray of yummy fabrics (I’ve added more since this photo was taken)…

 and very soon these

became this.

I just love this combination of colours at the moment. I’m not sure how big this is going to grow but for now I’m just enjoying the process. Suffice to say I feel much more like myself now I’ve got some “proper” sewing done. I’m some way off wrestling with quilts but a cushion isn’t too far off achievable now 🙂  Catch you soon x

16 thoughts on “Addicted

  1. Sarah says:

    Hooray! It's so fab that your enthusiasm is returning after feeling so poorly. Clearly, you can't keep a good quilter down! I absolutely love how these blocks look together in their alternating colour ways. I hope each new package is greeted with equal energy and that you'll be feeling more like yourself each time you get one stitched up. I am green with envy for your new sewing station too!


  2. margaret says:

    so good to read you are back to sewing and feeling so much better. Wow that is some table, I have my eyes open for a table that will work both for sewing and eating for the kitchen where I do all my stitching.
    Lovely colourful blocks. EPP is very nice too,


  3. Diane-crewe says:

    have seen these blocks coming together on other blogs .. this is going to be one stunning quilt xx nothing wrong with a little fabric addiction in my book… long may it continue .. glad your feeling a bit better by the way x


  4. Sheila says:

    Great space now for your “therapy”. Love the table, I am secretly planning replacing my current Ikea table which is just too big so always messy. Yours looks like the perfect option.


  5. Catrin Lewis says:

    Glad to see that you're up and about and strong enough to be 'racing' up the stairs! I've seen a few of your hipbees blocks coming together on other blogs and loved them – love them even more now I see how they come together!


  6. Nilya says:

    Oh yes, this is a fantastic Hand sewing Project. It´s funny, because my swap pillow will have the same forms of pieces, but will look totally different.

    Love your stripe-blocks too, I have to Keep this in mind 🙂


  7. Collette says:

    glad to hear you are feeling a little more like yourself! the blocks look amazing mine will be done in the next few days. I can't wait to play with your DS fabrics they are beautiful and isn't it amazing how prints from the different lines just go???


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