Home and Resting

Hello again folks.  Thank you so much to all of you for your comments, encouragements and concerns for Correne regarding her surgery.  We have passed them all on to her and she asked us to thank you for her, until she is able to do so herself.  I am pleased to tell you that she is now back home.  The journey was pretty awful for her, painful and her vertigo conspired with the travelling to make her be very sick.  Now she is safely tucked up in her own bed and hopefully that will settle down for her.  We are all delighted to have her home and hopefully her recovery will be problem free from now on.

Jess and I have spent the last two days together, keeping each other’s spirits up, sewing and chatting. For me, it was the best part of the week as she is delightful company. 🙂  And, because the blog post yesterday seemed odd without pictures, here’s what I was working on to while away the hours.

Hand quilting Correne’s Quilt
Hopefully it will be finished by the time she feels ready to venture downstairs!
And when I started to melt and come over all ‘unnecessary’ under the above quilt, because it was so hot, I picked up my Antique Flower Pastel Quilt.

Joining the hexagon diamonds and flowers together with the background fabric.
It took me months to decide what background to use for this one.  I think it will be ok.  Especially when I’ve done a bit more and given it a bit of a press.  At the moment it looks like it’s been in the rag bag and I’m too tired to iron it after unpacking it when I got back from Correne’s!!
And when I was bored of cutting and sewing the gingham hexies I played with these.
Tiny, tiny hexies from Helen 
Helen and I arranged a little swap and I’ve had fun deciding how I wanted to use these hexies.  They are really tiny, about the size of a sixpence, but perfectly formed and there are masses of them!! Thank you Helen they are keeping me nicely occupied. And I love the Aviary fabrics from 3 Sisters that you made them out of.  I think I’m going to be totally traditional and join the diamonds together with a white Kona solid unless anyone can suggest something else? 🙂
So that’s what’s been going on over here in South Derbyshire.  I have to say, we are all very relieved to be at the end of the week and in a happier frame of mind than at the beginning.  I’ll be back again soon and promise to make an effort to be more entertaining then. 
Oh, actually I did just remember one funny thing to tell you.  When Correne was coming round from the anaesthetic she kept asking the nurses ‘Have you booked my taxi?’  ‘I need my bags to take home’ ‘Is it time to go home yet?’ over and over again!  Now, it’s a standing joke between us that whenever she’s had to go into hospital she usually says something like:
‘I’m not staying’ – to the nurse who was admitting her, 
 ‘They won’t keep me in, they’ll give me a pill and I’ll be fine’ – when she phoned up work to let them know …..’I’ll be a bit late’ 
And to me when I was driving her into the hopital, many years ago  ‘You can leave my bag in the boot I won’t be stopping’!!!! 
Clearly, she doesn’t have to be conscious to voice those ideas. :-))
So, on that note. Take care of yourselves and happy sewing. 



8 thoughts on “Home and Resting

  1. Sarah says:

    Hope the stability of her own bed sends the vertigo packing (ghastly thing). She has enough to be coping with. Hope a good night's sleep and familiar surroundings will help her through tomorrow. x


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