Chock a block

In preparation for my stay at Costa del NHS, and the following period of inactivity, I’ve been churning out blocks, Chock-a-block style. In the process of uploading photos I found one I hadn’t shown you in July. This first one was for Tanya‘s July HipBee block. We were asked for trees…on reflection I’m not really sure how tree-like this is but Tanya was kind enough to humour me 😉

 Fiona sent some rather lovely Amy Butler for her August HipBee block and left us to get on with it.

Sarah kicked off the second round of HipBees by asking for 2 concentric box blocks.

  I think this is going to be a really striking quilt.

 Then I’ve been working on blocks for my Amish with a twist BOM quilt. There were many, many half square triangles!

I’ve still got 36 log cabins to make for August’s BOM but they’ll have to wait until I’m up and doing again because I was utterly determined to finish a hand-sewing project that I started last year in June! I’m ecstatic to be able to show you my completed Love Spring Carnival cushion 🙂

I’m ridiculously pleased with this cushion! Love by Amy Butler is my all time favourite fabric range. It was the first designer fabric line that I purchased in its entirety when I started patchworking seriously in 2010. Crazily the majority of my stash was used in projects that were gifted to other people so to finally have a substantial project in my possession is very exciting! I used an Amy Butler Rowan thread  in a green to quilt it.

I can’t decide where it will live permanently so for now it’s been auditioned in the family room…

 and the living room. It’s fair to say that this cushion will be my friend whilst recovering from surgery. It’s a mammoth 24″ square, so perfect for propping me up in bed 🙂

Confession time: I’ve recently tracked down the majority of the Love range and bought myself a new stash 🙂 I’d like to say I’m sorry for doing it but I’m not in the slightest!

So there you have it, I’ve got one more full day at home to finish binding a wedding quilt and cook a zillion meals for the freezer for post-op mealtimes. I go to the Costa del NHS on Wednesday and am expecting to be there for at least 3 days, possibly longer. Yvonne will no doubt keep you updated on progress at some point as I’m not expecting to be up to blogging or anything much else for a good few weeks. Positive thoughts, prayers and other good wishes will be very welcome for the op and recovery. See you on the other side x


17 thoughts on “Chock a block

  1. margaret says:

    your amish quilt is going to be wonderful and yes I can see why you are so happy with your delightful cushion. Prayers will be said here for you and all the best with the op and for a speedy recovery, take things easy and let people fuss and look after you.


  2. Nessa says:

    What a lovely cushion – such festive fabric!!! How can you not smile looking at those shapes and colours! It will definitely help cheer you up during your recovery.


  3. Sarah says:

    Your cushion is fabulous and the block marathon is particularly impressive. I will be saying a few prayers for you as you approach your operation – all the best, my lovely.


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