I’ve been a bit late to share with you all the lovely goodies I received from the Fat Quarterly Retreat Sample Swap. I sent my hoops along with Kerry, as I couldn’t make it myself, and then waited in anticipation of what I’d get back 🙂 Well, I’m delighted with  my goodies! Even more exciting for me was that 2 of the goodies are from my bloggy/ HipBee pals 🙂 I got this fab purse/key fob and beautiful brooch from Jan.

 This gorgeous cushion cover from Catherine

 and this lovely mini quilt from Francine.

Thank you ladies, I love everything! 🙂
In other news, rather frustratingly my operation date has moved back by a month. I’m not very happy about that as I’m so blooming uncomfortable but I guess it gives me a bit more time for sewing when the mood takes me. It also means that I might manage to pop along to the Festival of Quilts to see Justine. The Sneaky Stars pattern has gone off for formatting and should be ready for selling in kits at the show.

It’s almost time for the big reveal on another secret sewing project of mine. I had the great privilege of working with this gorgeous Liberty Stile fabric for a Fat Quarterly project! Issue 14 will be available next week 🙂 Yvonne was slightly excited to see a little mention of yours truly on the Liberty blog (read, ridiculously over-the-top mother excited!!!) I can’t wait to share the finished project with you, it’s rather lovely even if I say so myself 😉

Finally, we turned three on 23rd July! It’s amazing how quickly time flies by. A huge thank you to all you lovely folk who have stuck with us over the years. Tradition would suggest that we do a little giveaway to mark the occasion so I’m going to think on it over night and post a little giveaway post tomorrow 🙂 Catch you soon x


14 thoughts on “Belated

  1. pennydog says:

    Woohoo! If you do go to FoQ and on the friday, give me a ring and I'll meet you if you like 🙂 And I am not surprised about your appointment, my friend had what I imagine is the same problem and she had hers put back twice, and she was very unwell. She is much much better now though!


  2. Archie the wonder dog says:

    I saw you name on the Liberty blog and squealed! I can't wait to see what you made! Happy bloggy birthday!

    P.S. Sorry to hear your operation has been delayed, I hope some fabric shopping and a wander round the quilt festival with friends will help take your mind off it, at least for a few hours…


  3. Sarah says:

    Mothers are allowed to be ridiculously over the top excited. It's in the job spec, don't you know? Congrats on your liberty fame! Sorry the op is keeping you waiting. Hang in there!


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