The following post contains an image with offensive language, so if you’re easily offended you might want to skip past this first picture. I received this awesome package from the very lovely Sarah as winnings from a recent giveaway. There was also a pack of fudge but obviously that is long gone! Sarah and I share a very sweary sense of humour so these goodies were right up my street 🙂 I almost choked when I saw that coaster. The hoop is perfection! From one Crafty F$$ker to another, thank you very much Sarah 🙂 This hoop will be joining my wall of delights in the sewing room 🙂

So that this isn’t the shortest post ever written, I can finally show the name tag that I made for my partner in the Fat Quarterly Retreat name tag swap. Dianne received it a little while ago so I’m safe to show you now 🙂 Front..
…and Liberty back.
Here’s a slightly closer shot of the hand stitching. I’m no expert but I had fun using a couple of different stitches 🙂 
This scorching heat is making it rather difficult to be productive but Jess and I have been sewing clothes in the last couple of days. I promise to show them here when the heat gives us a bit of respite for a fashion show 😉 Stay safe in the heat. Catch you soon x

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