This week seems to have gone on forever but I’m thinking that’s a state of mind rather than a space-time-continuum issue. We’ve had our very own Anti-prom, complete with gorgeous teenager in snazzy dress. We decided being home-educated shouldn’t stop you from getting glammed up when your former classmates are having their actual prom!

Check out the fabulous corsage ๐Ÿ˜‰ย 
We were delighted to have been able to attend a few hours of Download Festival with our gorgeous girl! Not so very long ago this would have been totally impossible, so we are very thankful that we finally managed to share the awesome experience of live music with Jess. Iron Maiden and Rammstein aren’t too shabby as your first live gigs ๐Ÿ˜‰ We’ve been exhausted since we went 2 weeks ago but it was totally worth it!
On the sewing front I don’t have a lot that I can report on just yet. I’ve been pattern writing this week…yawn! I can’t give you more detail about that until some time next month. I’ve been sewing a quilt from another pattern I’ve written that I can’t show yet either.
I can show a sneak peek of the name tag I’ve made for my partner in the Fat Quarterly Retreat. This is the back.
All I can show of you of the front is this…
…excuse the moustache ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’ll show you the rest when my partner receives it whenever that may be as I haven’t posted it yet, oops sorry partner!
Hubby painted the bathroom at the weekend so I’m hastily making a roman blind to go in the window so I can stop crawling around on the floor at bath time to avoid showing off my wobbly bits to the neighbours. I’m really way too old and cronky to be crawling anywhere! Anyway, back to the blind, I bought a rather gorgeous stripe fabric from here and cunningly ordered a little extra for a carpet bag for me ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve used the excuse that I need a new hand sewing project bag as I’ll be unable to use the machine for quite a while after my surgery. Who am I kidding? I just wanted to make a new bag ๐Ÿ™‚

ย I love it! It’s a canvas type fabric so I’m hoping it will stand up to a lot of use. Those red leather handles were a bugger to sew on but they look fab!

ย I lined it with this funky Ikea print that I’ve had stashed for ages.

It’s a proper Mary Poppins bag with loads of room inside for projects and other stuff. You can just see the Circle Game pattern book by Jen Kingwell. I’ve wanted one of these quilts ever since Lynne made hers and as she’s been a right cow (love you, Lynne) and not let me have hers I decided to make my own.ย 
Of course it would have been rude to only purchase one pattern when it was coming all the way from Australia so I added Steam Punk and Midnight at the Oasis to the pile for company. Both the Circle Game and Midnight at the Oasis will be excellent hand sewing projects and who knows I might even get accustomed to hand sewing. Nah, not a chance, I’ll miss my machine too much.
So, I got my operation date through the post today, Wednesday 7th August…yikes! I’ve got a ton of things to get done before then so if I’m quiet you’ll know why. No doubt Yvonne will be loitering around these parts while I’m out of commission so it shouldn’t be too cobweb strewn ๐Ÿ˜‰ Have a good weekend all. Catch you soon xx

12 thoughts on “Ramblings

  1. Sarah says:

    Love your bag and interested in the name tag too, but by far the prettiest thing on the post is your gorgeous daughter dress to the nines! Fab! Sorry to hear you have to have surgery, though I'm sure if it resolves an issue it will be worth it eventually. All the best for that time, Reene.


  2. joanne says:

    Your daughter looks amazing at her anti-prom!
    I love the bag! All bags should be BIG bags!!
    Can't wait to see your versions of steam punk! I've loved the ones I've see pop up on Instagram!


  3. Di says:

    Beautiful girl all dressed up here. Loving the convoluted justification for making a bag! It is a good 'un. I'm a bit disturbed with the thought of you crawling under the window in the nude – thank goodness for a blind! Di x


  4. Beezus says:

    You're right – those handles look fab with your new bag! I don't envy you having to sew them on, though …

    Congrats also on your surgery date. I can't remember what type of surgery that you need, but I hope things go very well for you. I felt the same way about getting stuff done before my reconstruction! I was far more productive in the last few weeks leading up to it than in the months before. ๐Ÿ™‚


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