It might be messy!!!

(Coughs nervously)  Hello folks. It’s me, Yvonne.  I know. It’s been a long time hasn’t it?
Too long! There’s a ‘me’ shaped dent in the mattress to prove it. Apparently, they can’t fix me so I’m
learning to adapt. It may take a while, but I’ll get there. 🙂

Anyway, more interestingly, at least I hope you think so! I’m trying flying solo here.  In my previous posts, I wrote them in Word and sent it to Correne and she did all the clever bits.  This time it’s just me, hopefully. Although, it might get messy and Correne will have to clear up after me. Yikes, the responsibility!!

I was an untidy writer at school, the last in the class to use a nib pen and ink. (No, I’m not quite old enough to have used a quill pen.) How could such a tidy little girl write so badly? I’ve no idea. I’d start with a lovely, pristine, white page and without any effort I’d blob and scratch and rub and scrawl and smudge before a sentence was completed. I’m a little better now, thanks to biros…

…and keypads.  Although, I’m not very technical and am never convinced that I won’t press a button and  it will all end in tears.  Jess is forever sorting me out with my mobile or iPad.  I love the skit that Eddie Izzard did about computers, it totally summed up my relationship with them.  You should ‘Google’ it and see what I’m talking about, it’s hilarious!

Now then, no post is complete without a photo. So that’s my next challenge. you’ll have to forgive me if I lose you or something. I promise it wasn’t intentional and whatever you do, don’t blame Correne for letting me loose on you! She’ll never let me forget it! In the words of Mackinlay, the latest little addition to our family ‘Nag nag nag nag nag’!! 🙂 

Quilt for Jade and Oliver’s Wedding Anniversary

Hopefully you’ll see a photo of a quilt I made recently. The first one on the sewing machine for longer than I care to remember. 3 Sisters Simplicity fabrics in a disappearing nine patch block. I loved and wanted these fabrics the minute  saw them. Unfortunately, they were on Correne’s shelf and it took me quite some time (years) to persuade her that they should be on my shelf instead! 🙂  I’m not easily parted from my fabric!

Hmmm, *puzzled face*. I seem to have put the photo on the page but can’t write anything after it!!
I’m off then to phone Correne and see what happens next. :)) Well done Mum, I’ve moved the picture for you, better luck next time 😉 

Thank you so much for dropping by and ‘listening’ to me.

Happy sewing folks. Take care of yourselves. Yvonne. Xxx


13 thoughts on “It might be messy!!!

  1. Judith, Belfast says:

    Hello Yvonne! Lovely to be hearing from you again! Sweet quilt, and well done on all the techie stuff! I hope you are getting too frustrated with the limitations of your illness! Take care, Jxo


  2. tootiemakesthree says:

    Woohoo, thanks to your fabulous tutelage skills (and a lot of swearing and threatening to throw the iPad through the window) I have mastered the art of leaving a comment! It's so exciting to see our anniversary quilt on the big bad Internet! Oliver and I both adore it and it looks even more delicious draped across the bed than it already does here! Looking forward to reading your next post already :o)


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