Baby boy quilt in progress

There’s a new member of the Witchard clan thanks to hubby’s middle brother and his wife so I’ve been playing with these rather scrummy Heather Ross prints. 

 As usual I had no set plan for the quilt so I’ve been cutting, sewing and hoping for the best 🙂 I started with these wonky stars.

 Then I couldn’t resist using this little bit of selvedge…

 and the guitar print is perfect for our musical relatives 🙂

I’m doing my usual trick of throwing in some co-ordinating solids and making it up as I go along. I’m pleased with how it’s looking so far 🙂

I’m hoping to finish this off tomorrow. There might also be another finish to show you…Catch you soon x

14 thoughts on “Baby boy quilt in progress

  1. Di says:

    It is really interesting to see how you are using those mice fabrics. I won some and want to make a baby quilt from them but I am a bit stumped as to what to do. I really look forward to seeing what you do. Di x


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