The week so far…

So the week started off like this…

…my fat arse crushed my 24″ omnigrid ruler. At least the biggest piece was still long enough to be useful! It needed to be useful as I’ve signed up to this rather lovely Block of the Month. This is the first month of 6 and there were a staggering 13 blocks to make! Lots of strip piecing so super quick but heavily reliant on my ruler.

 Oh, and I almost forgot to mention flying geese…56 of them! It’s a good job I’d had a bit of a break from them after the Marcelle Medallion.

This is going to be a monster 102″ square quilt! Even though I have treated myself to a very indulgent new machine, to improve my mood when quilting anything bigger than a lap quilt, I still won’t be quilting this sucker myself!! See how I snuck that in there 😉 I’m expecting delivery of the new beast on Monday…literally cannot wait! Catch you soon x


11 thoughts on “The week so far…

  1. pennydog says:

    Gosh that is indulgent! Lucky thing!

    If you want to come to the quilt show in Uttoxeter with Ange, Susan and I btw I have space in the car for one more. We're going Sunday morning if you want in, just let me know 🙂


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