I’ve finished a few projects this week. First up, I joined another bee, the Simply Solids: a modern Bee, and this is the first month I’ve had to make blocks for it. Patti asked for this winged square block, it was super quick to put together so I made 2.

 Then I got on and made this whirlygig for Karen’s month in the HipBees.

So with my bee commitments out the way I got on and finished the Marcelle Medallion quilt! I think it is my most favourite quilt ever. I was all set to take some nice photos outside when the heaven’s opened…grrr. Instead I just took some dodgy shots around the house.

On the sofa

 It’s quite a big quilt, definitely a great size for snuggling under while scoffing chocolate 🙂

On the bannister
On the bed

 I machine quilted a few straight lines around the borders, enough to fix it in place and then set to it with some lime green perle thread.

 I bound it with a brush stroke print from Summersville and backed it with my go to favourite, Nummer, from Ikea.

 You can’t beat a pretty folded quilt 🙂

I’m quite sad that this one is finished now, I think I might have to make another soon! Catch you soon x


20 thoughts on “Finished

  1. Patricia Lessell says:

    Your medallion quilt is just too beautiful for words. Exquisite is what it is. I also love the blocks you did for me which I got this morning along with your lovely note. Thank you so much.
    Lots of Love
    Patti xxx


  2. Beezus says:

    Your Marcelle Medallion is gorgeous! I almost never join in to the project of the month that seems to be flying around the blogosphere, but I have to make this one. I am paper piecing the center so I don't have to do those Y-seams, and already made my templates. Maybe I can get started on that today when I meet with my quilting group! 🙂


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