If I never see another…

… flying geese block it will be too soon! In the last 5 days I have made 80 of the sodding things and I’m sick to the back teeth of them now! Rant over 😉 In their defense, they do look very pretty but they are so tedious to make. First up was this block for Rachel in the HipBees. Rachel entrusted us with some of her Liberty stash and asked us to make this Puss in the corner block. So that’s 8 flying geese right off the bat.

Next up I got round to making the October block from the Fat Quarter Shop BOM. As I’ve mentioned before I’m rather behind on this one. I received the tenth block today and the one I’m showing you is only block number 5. It’s a rather lovely block with another 8 flying geese, taking my total to 16.

The remainder of the flying geese blocks were for my Marcelle Medallion. Before I show you the flying geese I need to show you the other borders. I’m not giving you any close-ups as frankly my piecing is pretty dire. I’m definitely applying Sheila’s 20mph rule to this one. The equilateral triangle border should have been a breeze but somehow it finished up too long to line up with the previous border, as I said shoddy piecing. I love the overall effect of the fabrics that I’ve used and if I don’t stare at all the triangles that are missing their points or the ones that actually have four angles then I’m happy with it.

 The next border went on with no problem as there was minimal piecing involved 🙂

Then it was onto the dreaded flying geese, 64 of the buggers! Again the piecing is shocking, there are points missing all over the place and again the border ended up too long to match with the previous border but the fabrics make it so pretty that I need to give myself a break.  

I had intended to keep track of all the different fabrics that I used in this quilt but that went out the window fairly quickly. I know that I added Tula Pink and Anna Maria Horner to the mix but beyond that I’m past caring 😉 I’m sure I won’t hold a grudge against the flying geese for too long but I’m steering clear of them for at least a week! Hope all is good where you are. Catch you soon x


16 thoughts on “If I never see another…

  1. Di says:

    Lovely bee blocks but you sound fed up with those geese! The Marcelle medallion looks so nice and I didn't look at your points as it is so pretty! Di x


  2. Isisjem says:

    You geese look lovely but I'm thinking if one comes near you it'll get well and truly cooked. I think they're worth the effort if you get such pretties as these though x


  3. Flying Blind... says:

    Those geese are worth the effort, everything looks amazing; I have a couple of finishes I need to get done, then I will begin my Marcelle Medallion, I can't wait – remind me I said that when I reach meltdown!


  4. mammafairy says:

    sorry, I wouldn't have inflicted more geese on you if I had known… well, maybe, cos everyone else was doing them too- But it all looks lovely! and the puss in the corner you have done for me looks lovely, thank you!


  5. Collette says:

    Oh my I would be sick of the geese too! The medallion is gorgeous. Love the colours so much. I can get it spot on with geese one day then muck them all up the next. 😦


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