…I’m home. Apologies for the unexpectedly lengthy absence. We’re finally installed in our new home! We moved in the week before Christmas and we’ve almost finished unpacking boxes…you can’t rush these things 😉  The internet and telephone were reconnected on Tuesday so I thought it was about time I started chatting here again. I’ve missed you all! I’m lucky enough to have a sewing room all to myself now. I’m not entirely sure how I want it to be set up yet but it’s currently functional so I’m happy. Yay for sewing! I’ve started off gently with blocks for 2 lovely ladies in the HipBees.

First up was a block for Catherine. Catherine has patiently waited since November for my offering so I was determined it would be the first thing I made when the sewing room was functional. Catherine had asked us all to make a lynnebobsquarepants in Power Pop. I’d seen all the blocks being added to the group by the other Hipbees and couldn’t wait to get started on my own. Here it is, such happy colours!

Next up, Collette is January’s queen bee and she requested Disappearing 9-patch blocks using Field Study. I hadn’t seen Field Study in person so I was really looking forward to this one being a fan of Anna Maria-Horner. It didn’t disappoint me! 2 super quick blocks ready for Collette in no time.   

With my obligations fulfilled I managed to do a little bit of sewing of my own. Way back in August I was queen Hipbee and asked my fellow bees to make me house blocks using Summersville. They totally outdid themselves!

1. hipBee August 2012 block, 2. House Block for Reene, 3. Untitled, 4. hip bee, August house, 5. Hipbees August block, 6. HipBees August block, 7. No 38 – all complete, 8. DSC_0087, 9. Hipbees Aug house block, 10. hipBees Block – August 2012, 11. Hipbees August Block for Reene12. Not available

There are 2 that wouldn’t show up in the mosaic but you can see them all here. I’m going to have lots of fun turning these gorgeous blocks into a quilt just for me! I’ve made a start already…

I love a bit of improv piecing 🙂 This is going to be one happy quilt, thanks ladies! Catch you soon x


15 thoughts on “Cooo-eeee….

  1. Isisjem says:

    Glad you're settling in well and have your own sewing room. Love your bee blocks and it's fun seeing what you're doing with all the blocks we sent you. Good idea to add the siggy's as part of the main deal.


  2. Sarah says:

    Yay! Welcome back! Good to see you again 🙂 Awesome that you've got your own sewing room now, clearly doing you a world of good, those blocks are great. Cant wait to see how that houses top goes!


  3. Sarah says:

    Woohoo you're back! So glad you've moved in – congrats on commandeering a room to sew in and are e-connected again! Love how you're bringing your quilt together.


  4. Di says:

    Woo Hoo, you are back in Blogland. So pleased that the move happened. It will be good to see your quilt made as it will be the first one for the hipBees. Have fun in your sewing room. Di x


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