Acceptable vom

The only acceptable vom is obviously the Scrappy kind! I’d been considering making one of these for a while but was put off by the amount of cutting involved, then Katy started off a little Scrap Vomit swap a while ago and I just couldn’t resist joining in. I made up five blocks similar to the one below and sent them out to 5 other swappers knowing I’d received 4 in return 🙂

 Then I packaged up 4 lots of squares and sent those out to 4 different swappers and got 4 lots in return 🙂

This is the first block I made with the squares I received from one of the swappers. I intended to make a block with each of the packs of squares as they came in but life got in the way so I only made this one.

 I’ve used some of the other squares I received to make the B blocks. This is my “favourite” vomit square, that is one scary ass child!

 I completed my first row last night…

and today I made up another 2 rows 🙂 I’m not sure whether I’ll add more at this stage or just call it quits here. This is so unlike anything I have ever made before. I usually obsess over the placement of fabrics and colours. This quilt has been totally liberating in that I didn’t place anything, I just grabbed and sewed and I didn’t stress if my squares didn’t quite line-up! I think that every once in a while it’ll do me good to just let go and sew. I can be absolutely certain that I won’t be precious over this quilt. It will probably end up as a very stylish dog blanket, not that we have a dog yet but one day 😉 

I’ve also got to put my hand up and admit that I need a good slap, I caved in and joined another swap! Mouthy Stitches opened and closed sign-ups today and I’m hoping that I got in 🙂 I just couldn’t resist this one after seeing all the fun they had last time round from the sidelines. Catch you soon 🙂 x


12 thoughts on “Acceptable vom

  1. Fiona @ Poppy Makes says:

    I think your vomitty quilt looks great and I think you should keep going, you might end up with a really big dog 😉
    I need a good slap too because I also caved and joined the swap. I had lectured myself that I had enough pouches/cushions/mini quilts and mug-rugs, but I hadn't thought about the perils of a tote bag swap!


  2. Catherine says:

    What a fabulous quilt. Its a great idea with the swaps otherwise you could end up with a quilt that has lots of the same in it. You are very good: the thought of cutting all those 2.5″ squares, and then sewing them all together, would just finish me off!!


  3. Isisjem says:

    I signed up too because I am a mouthy stitcher and it would have been rude not to 😉 That is a scary ass child. Who would have thought it was ok to put that on fabric eh? Perfect for your vom though. And yeah you need to go supersized because you may end up with a St Bernard? 😉


  4. Ramona says:

    I am laughing so hard! That “scary ass child” is Sally in the Dick and Jane fabric line. She's playing in her retro green car and is picking up her teddy bear. Poor Sally! That y'all would talk about her that way! (I was laughing so hard my husband thought I had lost it.)


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