Ho, hum

It’s been one of those weeks so far, I feel like pushing fast forward! It’s probably just as well that’s impossible as I’ve had a million and one things to do this week. First up an angel mini quilt for the Brit Quilt Swap.  I’m feeling particularly proud of myself for parting with this block that I made as soon as my Flea Market Fancy arrived. It was intended to be part of a larger quilt but I think my angel recipient will love it so I’ll just have to make myself another block at a later date.

 I backed it with this blossom print from the Farmdale range and did my signature straight line quilting. Hopefully this will put a smile on the recipient’s face 🙂

 This month is Jude’s month in the HipBee. We’ve been asked to make these wonky braids using scraps that Jude sent us. They are super quick and very liberating, made all the better by the munching of Rolos (thanks Jude)! Fun!

 Finally, I joined the Modern Scrappy Bits swap over on Flickr. A super easy swap, send scraps and small item made from scraps….job done. I made my first boxy pouch using this tutorial. I foresee more of these in my future!

That’s Tula Pink Parisville scraps! I think I must be having a funny turn with all this beloved fabric leaving my clutches!!! I lined it with scraps of an Ikea print.

 Here it is full of scrappy goodies for my partner. Hope she likes it 🙂

I’m now free to sew for fun again as my swap commitments are all fulfilled. I won’t be taking on any more swaps until we move house, no news on that front yet. Slap me if I tell you I’ve signed up for anything else!! Catch you soon x


15 thoughts on “Ho, hum

  1. Deborah says:

    I would have a seriously hard time parting with your flea market fancy mini! Your partner is lucky! I have been wanting to make one of the boxy pouches. This is just the inspiration to get me going!


  2. Isisjem says:

    Gorgeous makes although I'm glad you said you had already made the top block. I was about to check you hadn't broken in here during the night and stolen some of my DS stash 😉

    Love your hipBee block – great oranges and that pouch and scraps is yummy. Last scrappy swap I joined in with my partner neglected to do the made item bit and lets just say the scarps were…interesting.


  3. Di says:

    Really nice “angel” mini. The recipient will love it. The hipBee block is really fun to do isn't it. The pouch is a really nice shape and I think I might have a go at one of those! Di x


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