Brit Quilt Swap Completed

If I hadn’t have seen the sender of today’s parcel I would have been very worried when I opened the wrapping to discover this! Prepare for lots of exclamation marks!!!

 As I did know the sender I was super excited to get inside the box!!! My Brit Quilt Swap mini arrived today and feast your eyes on the fabulousness that is the Dark Side of the Pond by Hadley! I had admired it in the Flickr group so I’m completely delighted that it now resides with me 🙂

 This little bit of text print will cause me many giggles every time I look at it….I’m very immature 😉

 The frog prince peeking out at me, love Tula Pink!

The fabulous hand embroidered label 🙂 

 Hadley included this gorgeous little hoop which is so cute! I thought it was a nod to the brown purse I sent her but Hadley reminded me that I had specifically stated that I wouldn’t be impressed if I received a brown dog in a patchwork waistcoat 😀 lol, what do I know…clearly dogs in patchwork waistcoats are totally awesome!

 Finally, Hadley included this gorgeous flexi-frame purse! Check out those tiny Liberty hexies! The other side of the purse is also tiny hexies, so much work!! Thank you Hadley, you got me sussed 🙂

 Benji is feeling much better today, although rather grumpy after his trip to the vet, so I was able to get on and finish the mini for my Brit Quilt partner 🙂 I’m hoping my partner will excuse the rather wonky appearance of the edges of the quilt. I’m not quite sure what happened but what I thought was straight was not so I’ve lost the purple edge entirely on one side and part of it on the other, sorry partner!

I backed with a print from Good Fortune by Kate Spain. I’m hoping to get this posted tomorrow so not long for my partner to wait now 🙂 

Hope you all have a good weekend. Catch you soon x


13 thoughts on “Brit Quilt Swap Completed

  1. Beezus says:

    Great package with lots of goodies! I have to say, though, that my favorite part is the dog. That's the kind of joke that I appreciate the most – because it's funny AND exquisite! 🙂


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