So today I was hoping to show you my finished Brit Quilt Swap mini quilt but this little chap had other ideas. 
Benji decided to bung himself up with fur so we spent the day trying to get him to eat when I should have been sewing! After a quick trip to the vets he seems to be feeling better so I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll get the mini finished tomorrow. It really wouldn’t be good for a swap mama to be late sending out her swap!! This is as far as I managed to get today. If my partner doesn’t like purple I’m stuffed! I used this pattern to piece the sewing machine. I ad-libbed the rest of the design but I think it all works together. The “Sew wall-hanging” is cross-stitched and the borders were originally intended to be flying geese but I had total brain-fade and ended up with these envelope type things instead. I’ll be doing some very basic quilting on this one as I don’t want to overcrowd it. 

Brit Quilt mini ready for quilting

 In other news, I bought these gorgeous screen-printed fabrics from Brit Designer Leanne at The Little House Martin. They are absolutely gorgeous and so intricate! You  might want to haul your backsides over there and order some of your very own if you haven’t already 😉 Leanne threw in some buttons and scraps as a thank you, how lovely is that?! I envisage lots of lovely makes from these and they’d play really nicely with Karen‘s fabrics too….

The little house martin fabrics

Catch you soon x


9 thoughts on “Hmmm

  1. *Leanne Fanny* says:

    Aww thank you Reene 😀 that's so nice of you to show my fabrics especially as i am just starting out (only taken me 3 years!!) it means alot, lot n lot's so thank you!! x I would LOVE to see what you make with them 🙂 x x


  2. Isisjem says:

    Ooooh I love purple! But as you're my swap mamma is it likely you're also my partner? hmmmm. Hope the bunny is ok now. Those fabrics are lovely too. Am trying to be good and resist going and looking!


  3. Judith, Belfast says:

    Pets are almost as bad as kids for making you worry! I love purple so I think that is a fab choice for your mini! Loving how it is all coming together! Hopefully bunny features will let you get some sewing done later. Jxo


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