Catch up

Time flies when it’s boiling hot!  I’ve been doing my best to stay cool and less grumpy during this rather disgusting heat-wave so I haven’t got a lot to show you today. I have made my very first pair of trousers though! OK that’s not quite as impressive as it sounds, they are for a 6 month old 😉 I’ve never been one for making clothes, it’s the pattern pieces that put me off, way too scary! This year I’ve decided to take the bull by the horns and try to conquer my fear of them. I’ve bought 3 very lovely books which make the art of clothes making look easy! For my first project I used Lotta Jansdotter’s book, Simple Sewing for Baby. The Simple Pants pattern was just that, really simple, start to finish in about an hour with faffing! I used a fantastic Michael Miller print that I bought in a destash some time ago to make these funky little trousers for my little nephew 🙂 I think he’s going to love them, see those fish…he loves Nemo so these should be a real hit! I’m really looking forward to the next project now, whatever that might be 🙂

The posting window for the In the Frame Purse Swap opened on Wednesday so I’ve been stalking the post lady since then and today she came up trumps! I received a super package from Tracey of Quilt me happy. I got not 1 but 2 purses and a gorgeous lavender bag!!! The purses came in a cute bag made from a page of a magazine, so cool 🙂 The first purse is natural linen with Liberty hexies front and back and hand stitchery;  the second is a very pale pink retro transport print with vespas and funky cars. I’m going to feel very hip and trendy using these babies! the lavender bag is tiny but perfect with the most amazing long-arm quilted flower on it, I’m in total awe of that!! Thanks again Tracey 🙂  
My partner has also received her parcel so I can show you what extras I sent! I was lucky enough to be partnered with my blog pal Hadley. I’ve already shown you the purse that I made for her but I didn’t show you the sneak peek of the owl that was waiting inside in the double frame 🙂 As soon as I got my partner allocation I was determined to make a brown purse, knowing Hadley’s tempestuous relationship with brown fabrics, I’m such a bugger 😉 So I made a large brown linen purse with an “antique gold” fancy frame. I raw-edge appliqued strips of brown innocent crush to the front and back and lined with a brown Kaffe Fassett target print. I wrapped the pretty grey purse in brown Kaffe millefiore spots and more of the brown target print and tied it with a brown bow. I’ve been chuckling to myself ever since. I’m not totally mean though as I did include some bits and bobs that I knew she would like as well.

I’ve had such a fun time in this swap, thanks to Helen and Nicky for organising it all. I’ve been very good at limiting my swap sign-ups this year and I can’t tell you how enjoyable it is to be making for people that I ‘know’ for a change. I’ll be back with more news soon including a giveaway for our 2nd blogiversary which I successfully missed a few days ago. Hope you’re all enjoying the Olympics! Proud to be British right now 🙂 Catch you soon x


11 thoughts on “Catch up

  1. Isisjem says:

    I'm sure Hadders loved the brown tribute purse and so glad you got a great set of purses too! I'm completely with you on the whole swap thing. It's so depressing to slave over an item – it go to someone you've never heard of and they either not bother to say 'thank you' or it's such a 'weak' thank you you think they must have *hated* what you sent. 😦


  2. mammafairy says:

    Totally wicked on sending brown to Hadley! But I am sure she loved it!
    baby sewing is fun and quick and easy! you can do loads more of it!I always loved making for my lot!


  3. Archie the wonder dog says:

    The brown purse is perfect for Hadley ;o) and I love the little owl in the middle of her 'real' purse!

    I'm so glad you like your purse – it's been a lovely swap so far! The trousers are wonderful and I'm sure your nephew will spend many happy hours admiring the fishies on his legs!


  4. Nicky says:

    teehee she was asking for it! But I do believe there are now some browns she does like! Well done Reene and glad you were making for a friend!

    Lucky you on the double purse! Winner!


  5. Collette says:

    love those wee trousers and how lovely to receive those cute purses!! I really need to try and make one of these! Glad Hadley is enjoying her moment of brown! xxx


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