Siblings Together Linky Party at Lily’s Quilts

As part of the 100 quilts for kids blog hop Lynne asked those of us who contributed quilts to Siblings Together to write a post about why we joined in. So here’s mine.

Swim, Bike, Quilt

Regular readers will have seen all these quilts many times before but for those of you who haven’t I’ve put links underneath the photos so you can see the stories of the individual quilts.
 PipsIt’s a Hoot Half Time x2GreyCape Ann and Dr Seuss

I was delighted to be a part the Siblings Together Quilts initiative for a few reasons. First and foremost the chance to contribute to a sense of worth and belonging in the life of a child/young person has been a privilege. Growing up in a loving family it is very easy to take for granted the love that we share and the things that we possess that have been gifted to us. When I read about Siblings Together it actually hurt. I have a younger brother who I adore, so to imagine my life without his presence as we grew up(rocky as it might have been, we’re not perfect!) just doesn’t bear thinking about. It was my good fortune to have been born into the family that I was and I know that I speak for Yvonne too when I say that I believe in sharing that blessing with other people wherever possible. The absolute bonus of this initiative has been that we could do something we love, playing with fabric, to benefit other people, win-win in my book!! The majority of quilts that Yvonne and I make are gifts for loved ones or people in need of cheering up so this project fitted perfectly. I’m delighted that it has been so well supported and have no doubts that I will be making more quilts for Siblings Together in the years to come. 
I’m very grateful to Wendy and Claire at Patch Fabrics for their generosity in donating fabrics to enable me to contribute as many quilts as I did this time round. I know a great many of the readers of our blog have given generously of their fabric and quilts which makes me smile but if you haven’t yet maybe you’ve got a little quilt lurking somewhere in a cupboard that could put a smile on the face of child this year…
Catch you soon x


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