I didn’t trust myself not to make a total mess of the gluing of my In the frame purse  so I took some naked shots for you to see. I managed to make the purse look quite tidy by turning through at the top which was a necessity with the middle panel being sewn into the lining. At least if it falls out of the frame it looks quite presentable 😉

 I used a thin iron interfacing to keep the linen in position, well you know how stretchy it can be, and batting to add a little substance when I quilted the diagonal lines.

 I went for the less is more option on embellishment so hopefully my partner will happy with that 🙂

I wish I’d used a stiffener in the central panel to give it a bit more structure but I didn’t so it will have to do as it is. There is a little personal detailing on the other side of the panel but it will be a dead giveaway to my partner so I can’t show it! What a tease?! Thankfully gluing went without a hitch. That is to say I got it where it was supposed to be and not all over the fabric. Whether it will hold is another story. I used some purse frame cord on the lining side of the purse in the hope that it will stop things moving too much. 

I have to say I’m pretty chuffed with how it turned 🙂 Now to stitch up a little something extra…Catch you soon x


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