What do you do when……..?

Today’s post is a glimpse into the goings on in Yvonne’s corner of Nellie’s Niceties. Not ones to be left behind Mum and Dad put their house on the market when we said we were moving and blow me down if they haven’t already sold while we’re languishing on the hard to sell pile. This is the current state of their dining room. Not the most calming and stress-free environment to be preparing for a Coronary angiogram on Thursday, is it? After many, many months of waiting, the week of the angiogram has finally arrived. Yvonne is being very stoic about the whole thing and the rest of us are trying our best not to flap too much. Your thoughts and prayers will be very welcome!

Packing boxes in the dining room

During her prolonged period of bed-rest Yvonne has been slowly growing hand-sewing projects. Here are some photos to prove she’s still crafting 😉 Rose stars:

Rose star flowers in Fresh Cotton Fabric by Fig Tree Quilts kindly given by a very generous person!

Vintage Modern fat eighth bundle treasured since Mother’s Day and opened to hold her concentration, which goes walkabout every few minutes, resulting in…

Vintage Modern bundle

…3/4″ hexy Grandmother’s flower garden flowers for a special ‘birthday’ mini quilt… you might want to check back around July 23rd for more on that 😉

So now you know that Yvonne is still sewing albeit on a much smaller scale than she is happy with. She was very worried that you’d all think she’d fallen off the face of the planet. The truth is she’s still lurking around reading blogs and looking at flickr pics when she feels up to it, it’s just too much like hard work to comment on things at the moment.
If it’s quieter than normal around here for the next week or so you’ll know why. I’ll probably update twitter more regularly than the blog so if you want up-to-date news on Yvonne’s progress you’ll probably find it here from Thursday onwards. Catch you soon x


13 thoughts on “What do you do when……..?

  1. Archie the wonder dog says:

    Good luck Yvonne (and the rest of you!) I'll keep you in my thoughts all day on Thursday (rather than my current arrangement where I often wonder how you are and then forget to ask…).

    P.S. I love your current projects – they're so delicate and wonderful!!


  2. prsd4tim2 says:

    Yvonne, wishing you a speedy recovery. So, so love the cute little projects. I'm on a hexie kick right now, so I especially love those little beauties. All the best!


  3. Beezus says:

    She's been working on some very lovely projects. I can barely do hand sewing projects because they make my hands mad at me the next day, so I'm just a little jealous. Know that you all have my love and prayers being sent your way! Good luck on the angiogram, and I really hope this helps the doctors figure out an effective treatment.


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