Not at Fat Quarterly Retreat

Well there have been a multitude of blog posts from the lucky attendees of the Fat Quarterly Retreat and as I was not one of them (I’m not bitter, much) you might want to look away now. Hopefully you won’t be deterred and will stay here to see my finished Mama Said Sew flowers quilt. The weather finally cooled sufficiently for me to finish the hand quilting. 

 I love how it finished up. My rather large scale hand quilting adds just the right amount of definition to the shapes. Unfortunately the thread I used doesn’t show up very well against the Amy Butler backing fabric so it’s difficult to show you the effect, it looks great in real life though 🙂

 I’ve also managed to crank out some more blocks for my Central Park triple squared quilt 🙂 This is going to be a super cheerful quilt.

Catch you all soon x


12 thoughts on “Not at Fat Quarterly Retreat

  1. Isisjem says:

    Wow that quilt is absolutely gorgeous. If it makes you feel any better I didn't go either. I've actually cheered up reading all the posts about the event. The fortnight before though I hardly read any blog posts because it was all aimed at people going and preparing for it and I kept my head down!


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