Summery sewing

Way back in November 2010 I saw this fabulous quilt by Megan and promised myself I’d make one. Well you know how it is, new things appear on the horizon and I’m easily distracted 😉 So yesterday I dragged out my layer cake of Central Park by Kate Spain and consulted Megan’s triple squared tutorial, then I got busy with the rotary cutter.

A whole lot of squares and rectangles!

 I need to make 64 blocks for the quilt I’m making so I’m going to busy for a while! At least I’ve worked out how to chain piece them now though 🙂 Here are the first 4.

I love this fabric range; the colours are so summery. I’ll take some more pics when I’ve got some more blocks of four ready to assemble 🙂 It’s been really good to find a layer cake pattern that caught my fancy. I have a whole stack of layer cakes and never really know what to do with them. Have any of you got any tips for using up layer cakes that don’t involve cutting them into charm squares?
Catch you soon x


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