It’s too hot!!! I’m sorry folks but me plus heat equals misery. I shall be glad when this heat wave passes. All moaning aside, I have managed to finish the Mama Said Sew flowers quilt top 🙂 I’m exceptionally pleased with how it turned out!

 In a moment of madness I decided to hand quilt it. “It’s only small so that shouldn’t be too much hassle”…enter heat-wave….too hot for quilt on lap. Boo! This may take longer than I had intended.

I’m hoping for cooler weather very soon, sorry to anyone who loves the heat 😉 Hope you’ve all had good weekends. Catch you soon x


12 thoughts on “uggghhh

  1. Isisjem says:

    Sorry you don't get on with the heat. I actually really enjoy it. I don't like it silly hot but I am definitely a shorts, t shirt, flip flops kind of gal. So being out doors this weather is just bliss for me!


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