Not a quilt

Just for a break from the quilt-fest I’ve been having of late I broke my no-swaps rule and joined the Fab Little Pincushion Swap (FLiPS)over on Flickr. I’m ridiculously out of practice at making little things so there will be much head scratching before this one gets completed. 
FLiPS in progress

 So after a little lot of faffing around this is as far as I have got. I’m hoping it will transform into something awesome but currently it’s in danger of being mediocre!

Hmmm, not sure about this.
I gave creativity the day off today as I’d had an early start to the day, which in my book equals rest of the day recovering, but I’m hoping to come back to it refreshed tomorrow. In the meantime I designed yet another quilt on Touch Draw which I won’t show you yet. It lead to the purchase of another Accuquilt die which is a bit naughty but I’m sure I’ll justify it to myself eventually 😉 In other news, our house is officially for sale…we have a board now! Catch you soon x

2 thoughts on “Not a quilt

  1. Di says:

    Another die? Save as you spend as my hubby would say! I really like making small things as it is nice to have a quick finish. It will all come together! Di x


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