Two little dicky birds…

…well not quite but look at the pictures and you’ll get my drift.

 Two co-ordinating Freebird quilts for Siblings Together ready for duty 🙂

The quilts are essentially the same, I’ve just used a different section of the Half Time Quilt for each one so there is a little bit of difference between them but you’d have to put them side by side to know 🙂 So that’s 4 quilts down now, one more to go then I can quilt the one that Mum has made too. Hoping to get them all ready to roll before the end of the month! Catch you soon x


10 thoughts on “Two little dicky birds…

  1. Lynz says:

    Gosh, you are a machine, woman! They are awesome!!! Love love love the backing fabric. If my batting ever turns up I'll maybe get mine done…


  2. Di says:

    You are going great guns! Do you sleep? These are lovely quilts and it will be so nice that a pair of siblings can have matching quilts. Di xo


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