First things first, I want to thank you all for the lovely supportive comments you left in response to yesterday’s post! You put a big smile on my otherwise frowning face 😉 I’ve seen the full issue of Fat Quarterly 9 now and it’s a real stunner! In other news, I’ve almost finished the first of the Freebird quilts for Siblings Together. Every time I say Freebird I can’t help chuckling to myself like the ageing rock chick that I am 🙂 I used the Half Time Quilt pattern, as I mentioned previously, and the result is fairly cheerful even if I say so myself.

Front of Freebird quilt

 All that remains to be done is the binding. The Ikea fabric that Wendy sent is just perfect for the backing, check out those funky birds.

Rear of Freebird quilt

I’ve already got the blocks for the second Freebird quilt ready to roll so it should be another quick finish…fingers crossed! Hubby and I are venturing north on Friday for a day of house-hunting so that might slow my sewing progress slightly but it will hopefully be worth it! Catch you soon x


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