Diamonds are forever

Yesterday I laid my OCD to one side and finished Angela’s quilt! The colours in the photo are still not quite right but this is much closer to their true brightness. I would like to point out that the orange on the second row is a print not a solid as is the one on the right hand side on the third row (ok, so I couldn’t quite put my OCD aside). Now it’s all quilted and bound I have to confess to loving it!

I backed this one with the text fabric from Ikea that I also used to back my Sliced Coins quilt. It’s such a versatile fabric, I hope that Ikea never stop selling it!! You can see the straight-line quilting a bit more clearly from the back as I used a black thread.
I bound with a grey metro circles print from Robert Kaufman which looks pretty yummy even if I do say so myself 😉 Here’s a posh macro shot that Jess took for me as I’m useless at it, thanks Jess!
The finishing touch comes in the form of the first outing of our new quilt labels from Karen! Here’s another Jess shot.

So that’s it all ready to be wrapped and posted on to Angela. I’m hoping to post it Monday along with packages for Susan and Judith (sorry ladies for my tardiness!) Hope you all have a lovely weekend. Catch you soon x

10 thoughts on “Diamonds are forever

  1. WandaFish says:

    It's wonderful!! I'm not well today and I can't tell you how much seeing this has brightened my day 🙂 Can't wait to snuggle under it! I love that IKEA print too.
    Thank you!!


  2. susan says:

    Love the quilt and next time I make it to an Ikea I must get some of that fabric. I see it here and there in blogland and keep wondering why I didn't buy some last time. No worries on posting things to me until you are ready either. I am fine!


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