Weekend news

This weekend has been a very slow one but in between watching the rugby I’ve managed to finish the 4 seasons wall hanging. I love the way Lynne‘s trees look all in a row! I’m also really pleased with my first attempt at stamping on fabric. I used a dark blue ink which looks great in real life but fairly washed out in photos. You might just be able to make out the names of the seasons under each of the trees.

I decided to frame the trees to look like photos as they will be hanging up between to existing sets of prints. I used a brown Denyse Schmidt print, backed and bound with a brown linen and hey presto, finished wall-hanging. It just needs hanging in its new home now 🙂
Then, today, I managed to finish my Swoon top and I just love it!!!! Now to ponder how I’ll quilt it. The actual swoon blocks have all been quilted so it’s only the neutral space that needs filling. Originally my intention was to do lots of straight line quilting in various colours (Thanks to Kerry for her assistance with Aurifil goodies!) but I’m not sure that will really be the best route as I really don’t want to detract from the Swoon blocks. Some head scratching will be taking place 🙂 I will take more photos of this one in daylight but for now I was so excited to show you the progress.
If you look closely you might notice the co-ordinating cushions at the top of the bed. The ones with text on will be making an appearance in Intrepid Thread’s newsletter this month which I do believe will be out very soon so if you’d like to see them in more detail and find out how to make your own then you’d better register for the newsletter pretty sharpish 😉 It might also be worth your while calling back here on Valentine’s day as there might be something in it for you…just saying… Catch you soon x

10 thoughts on “Weekend news

  1. Lynz says:

    Oh, wow!! Your swoon quilt is fantastic!!! I adore bed quilts with white (grey!) space and this chap is just perfect. Utterly gorgeous – your fabric choices for the …flowers? Medallions? … are spot on, the big prints work so well.


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