Four seasons

This month’s issue of Fat Quarterly magazine (thanks Mum and Dad!) is chock full of fabulous paper piecing projects. Regular readers will know I have a new found love of paper piecing so this issue is very exciting! There are a few patterns that I have ear-marked for completion this year and this is the first one I’m tackling. Lynne designed a gorgeous cushion with these wonky trees and as I love all things Lynne it was obvious that I’d have to try this first 😉
I’m going to make a 4 seasons wall hanging with these. Not sure where it will live yet but I’m sure I’ll find somewhere. The trees were a delight to make! Once I’d sussed out the first one I was able to chain construct the other three. My dilemma now is how to make the wall-hanging look cool and funky as opposed to naff and fuddy-duddy. I can’t decide between stamping some words (which I’ve never done before) or embroidery….not helped by a particularly indecisive mood at the moment. Oh well, no rush, I’m sure it’ll come good in the end. I’m off to watch the rugby now 🙂 Catch you soon x

9 thoughts on “Four seasons

  1. Isisjem says:

    These are fab. Was just going to say ask Kerry about stamping. I'm always too scared to stamp on fabric due to the fact I'm rubbish on paper and the chances of me really messing up are sky high 😉


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