Good fortune

For a few years I’ve harboured a longing to patchwork a chair, don’t know why I just have. Last week I found 2 potential candidates on sale for a bargain price through Gumtree, so wasting no time I despatched hubby to collect them for me 🙂 Today I’d love to be showing you my first patchwork chair but instead I am showing a renovated chair minus the patchwork. As usually happens around here, Jess collared this one for her room and was adamant that it was not to be “busy”! Flipping kids!! Anyway, moaning aside here’s how it started off….Granny chair…

I decided to repurpose a brown cord shirt from a charity shop to cover the arms of the chair as they’re bound to get lots of wear and Jess could do with a bit of comfort for her arms which have a tendency to be rather sensitive (stupid CFS).
With a bit of faffing this XL shirt was more than enough to cover both arms 🙂 I even managed to use one of the pockets as a mobile phone holder for when Jess actually lets it leave her hand…you know those teenagers and surgical removal of phones! The material that I used for the cushions is a Romo fabric, it’s a linen cotton blend and is delicious. It was a bean bag in a previous life 🙂 I’m so pleased to have been able to renovate this chair without spending a fortune. I do love recycling fabric!
Here’s the finished article. Not bad even if I do say so myself! The next chair I show you will be patchworked….whenever that may be.
It has to be said that I was rather tetchy by the time I finished this project. It has taken me a good few days and frankly stamina is still low so tempers may have frayed around here a little. Thank goodness for the postman and his bundles of fabric-y goodness!! A whole FQ stack of Kate Spain’s Good Fortune from Julie at Intrepid Thread. Woohoo!
Then there was a layer cake of Pure and charm pack of Authentic by Sweetwater from here. Thanks to the very lovely Fiona for tipping me off about these goodies 🙂
They put a smile on my face but I think it will take a large dose of chocolate to improve the mood!! Catch you soon x

10 thoughts on “Good fortune

  1. Isisjem says:

    Great make over! Love it when old/tired things are given a new lease of life. Authentic is one of my faves and I've only ever had bits of it so I'm afraid I went shopping before I finished reading and had to come back!


  2. Sheila says:

    What a brilliant project, breathing new life into the chair. I have a secret yearning for patchwork furniture too and almost got lucky with a patchwork sofa on eBay last year. Himself even liked it….


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