Last block done!

Today I finished my fourth and final block for Katy’s Swoonalong! As much as I love this pattern I just can’t face making another 5 blocks. The brown leaf print in this block will always be a reminder of our current home.

When we moved in there were real leaves stuck to the wall of our bedroom in some kind of border formation. They had all been painted brown and varnished! Truly gruesome but very funny with it!
Here they are as hubby prepared to remove them. I’d like to point out that this picture was taken nearly 6 years ago and contrary to the photographic evidence I am not a cradle snatcher, hubby is just blessed with youthful looks…grrrr! As you can tell from his body language we weren’t that keen on them 😉
I’ve put together a mosaic of the 4 completed blocks so we can see them all together. Now to mull over what to do with them. Rebecca made a great suggestion in the comments of my last post and I’m always open to other ideas so feel free to chime in if you have any!
Hope you all have a fun weekend 🙂 Catch you soon x

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