Sorry I’ve been so quiet, I did warn you that I might be. I’m absolutely exhausted after an extremely busy and emotional weekend. My amazing sister-in-law gave birth to my gorgeous nephew on Sunday evening by c-section after a rather lengthy induction. Mother and baby are doing really well and have been back in their family home since Tuesday!! The downside to all that excitement is that I’ve been too exhausted to do anything since I got home on Monday but really it was a small price to pay for the honour of being with my brother and his wife at such a special time. Here’s the very precious little man himself πŸ™‚

Before I went up to be with them I made a very quick and simple flannel throw for my sister-in-law to use during night feeds, or frankly any other time of the day πŸ™‚ I love these folksy flannels and thankfully I have plenty left to make something for me!

Also before I went away I finished a project that will be featured in Julie at The Intrepid Thread‘s newsletter. I’m ridiculously excited about this little venture!
So if you want to see what I made in full you will need to sign up here for the February newsletter. I’ll remind you again nearer the time that the newsletter will be sent out and there might even be a giveaway right here to celebrate! It will be a double celebration as we have finally reached 100 followers!! I’m not sure why 100 seems to make such a big deal to us but it does.
Thank you to all you lovely folk that stop by to read to our ramblings πŸ™‚ Catch you soon x

10 thoughts on “Hello

  1. WandaFish says:

    Aww, I love AMH flannels and that is just perfect to snuggle the precious boy!
    Triple congratulations on all your wonderful news!!
    He he, I nearly went to check the IT newsletter, thinking I must have missed it!


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