Ty and other stuff

I can’t tell you how long I’ve waited to get my hands on Ty Pennington! OK so it’s only his fabric that I’ve snagged for now but you’ve got to start somewhere.
I ordered 2 colourways of his new range from Julie just before Christmas and it turned up yesterday. It’s lovely! Masculine enough to keep men happy but in touch with its’ feminine side too 😉
I’m planning a project with these lovelies but you’ll have to wait until February to see that!
While I’m on the topic of fabrics I thought I’d better show you my fab Christmas presents: Countdown to Christmas jelly roll, Little Apples jelly roll and Cosmo Cricket fat quarters….yum!
Lots of new dies for my Accuquilt Go!Baby…
…and lots of books for inspiration! How lucky was I?!

As part of my obligatory New Year ruminations I decided that I need to get another free tutorial up here. With this in mind, I made a cover for hubby’s new kindle yesterday and I’m in the process of writing a tutorial for it. It takes so long to write a tutorial, I can’t imagine how people do it regularly! I know it’s pretty basic but I like to think that beginners may happen upon this blog and find it useful, so for all you clever peeps please bear with me, I’m not trying to teach Grandma to suck eggs 😉

Another of my New Year ruminations involved the design of a bag pattern which might have retail potential. I’m not talking big bucks here, just a minimal amount for a pdf pattern. Today I started work on that too. I’ve got a very clear idea of where I’m going with this but in the meantime I’m trialling the idea on muslin. I’m not risking my precious fabrics on a prototype.
I’d love to enlist 5 pattern testers for when I’ve got the pattern written, so if any of you would be interested in offering your services I’d be really grateful and I’m sure there’d be a little something in it for you 😉 I promise not to sulk too much if no-one has the time!
Catch you soon x

12 thoughts on “Ty and other stuff

  1. Sheila says:

    Some fab pressies there – just in case you didn't spot it, Mandy at Simply Solids has Cosmo Cricket Jelly Roll on sale at £20. I got a few CC fat 1/4s and almost made up a Kindle cover for myself with it but changed my plans last minute.
    Keep me on the back burner for bag testing if you are desperate!


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